About us

Limited Liability Company Fish Breeding Company "Beluga" is engaged in the reproduction, maintenance, processing of sturgeon fish since 2002.

We have a unique herd of domesticated sturgeon of the Caspian Sea. The broodstock includes: Caspian Beluga, Russian sturgeon, Sterlet, Ship. The broodstock of producers is more than 5,000 heads and is registered in the CITES (certificate No. 009 of November 16, 2007). The sturgeon farm covers an area of more than 20 hectares and is located on the Volga River, gateway No. 32 of the Water Divider of Narimanov, Astrakhan Region.

Nowadays, the sturgeon herd is more than 250 tons of purebred fish. Every year in spring, from April till May, the company receives up to 5 tons of high quality sturgeon caviar, obtained by life method(alive fish caviar). Throughout the year, the company additionally receives caviar by a bottomhole method (killed fish caviar).

In spring part of the received caviar is transferred for reproduction, in order to replenish its own herd, part of alive caviar is realized to fish farms of the Russian Federation. Most of the received caviar is sent to the fish processing shop for processing and further sale on the domestic market of the Russian Federation.

The main factors affecting the taste of our caviar are the running water of the Volga River, the depth of fish content, because sturgeons are bottom fish, and natural food (Caspian sprat).

Exactly these conditions allow our company to receive the world famous, with traditional taste "Caspian" Beluga caviar and Russian sturgeon caviar without damage to the natural population of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea.