LLC AFBC "Beluga" — the company which is engaged in processing of fish and production of sturgeon caviar. The small production that began with the processing of sturgeon carcasses turned into a unique enterprise that produces a whole line of products. Since modern technologies do not stand still, today the fish shop of the company is equipped in accordance with international standards and the company is famous not only for the production of black caviar, but also for the famous Astrakhan dried products.

In production, the company uses ancient Astrakhan recipes, but at the same time it complies with the approved GOSTs and standards. The main condition for all stages of production is а strict technological and sanitary discipline, great emphasis is done on the quality of products: Raw materials for caviar: all sturgeon fish and black caviar received from the farm into the shop passes all the necessary veterinary laboratory tests, including parasites; Raw materials for cold and hot smoking: prepared from the fillet of commercial fish; passes all the necessary veterinary laboratory tests, beech filings are used for smoking, the use of modern vacuum packaging is an important point of preserving the quality of products; our shop specialists have invaluable experience.

The company’s technologists developed technical conditions for the production of such products as hot smoked sturgeon roll and carp roll, sturgeon paste “Natural”, sturgeon paste “ With vegetables”, “Astrakhan snack”, a wide range of canned fish from sturgeon and non sturgeon types of fish. Fish products are certified. It should be noted: all the products of the company pass strict quality control at all stages of work; Fish production is carried out in accordance with international standards GOST and the HASPP system.

The company's production is safe for the environment, fish is grown in running water without chemical additives, fish is fed only with natural foods, fish and minced fish; Products don't contain GMO; Fish are grown without the use of hormones; Cutting fish into caviar and carcass is under special control of sterility and cleanliness which is provided by careful washing of technological equipment and inventory, constant medical monitoring of the staff.

Nowadays, our company has the necessary production capacities and uses only high-quality raw materials in the year-round production of luxury caviar , dried products, a wide range of which we are ready to offer you at a bargain price.