‘Rediscover Russia’: BelugaFarm caviar at Twins Garden

Honesty and transparency are important in caviar production. The history of this collaboration began with the visit of the creators and chefs of the Twins Garden restaurant, the owner of two Michelin stars, to our Astrakhan farm. We showed Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky how carefully and carefully we approach the process of growing sturgeon and obtaining caviar, how unique our production is.

Thus was born a new project, the result of which was a very special black caviar.

‘We had a big idea to make black caviar according to our own recipe. There are two very important products in Russia — black caviar and Thursday salt. And we decided to combine these two products and salt the black caviar with Thursday black salt.

We went to the BelugaFarm production, looked at how everything is going on, how people are reverent about their work, how important the quality of the product is for them — we really liked it, and we suggested that the company make a collaboration: we developed a recipe, and they salted it especially for us our recipe.

You can try this caviar only in the Twins Garden restaurant as part of the new set «Rediscover Russia».

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