How can we make our world a better place?

There are thousands of answers to that question. But for us there is only one answer: we need to raise a generation of children for whom, starting from an early age, the words good, care and love will become the cornerstone of their worldview.
Our team is a large and strong family that has been united by these three principles since its foundation, and we strive to share them with younger generations.

For 10 years, children from schools, orphanages and shelters come to us for real lessons in love of wildlife. With surprise and interest, children learn how much effort, investment and care should be given to tiny eggs, so that one day they might turn into a legendary beluga of gigantic size or a beautiful Russian sturgeon. Every year, on the Children's Day, young nature lovers come to the shore of the Volga River and solemnly release young fish, proudly realizing that they give them a new life.
Such activities with children have become our good tradition and led us to the establishment of the Beluga Sturgeon Fish Rescue and Protection Fund. Its task is to remind everyone that nature is not an inexhaustible resource, but first of all, our common home.
140 million
individuals aged 2-3 months were released at the expense of LUKOIL and other contracts
10 000
sturgeon aged 2-3 years released at the expense of the company "Beluga"
3 000
children participate in our charity events every year

Today, the fund carries out a unique mission in the world to preserve the sturgeon fish population and raise the environmental awareness of the younger generation. In addition to activities with children, we hold educational lectures and workshops, organize exhibitions, lotteries, celebrations and regularly invest most of our resources in the development of the Fund. We also actively cooperate with large companies that seek to provide support and participate in the conservation and reproduction of the sturgeon population. Each member of our team feels responsible for the conservation of nature, and we want to give this feeling to the rest of the world. Buying a can of caviar from us, you not only get a legendary delicacy, but also make an invaluable contribution to saving the Caspian sturgeon fish.

When you buy a jar of caviar from us, you're not just buying a legendary delicacy, you're also making an invaluable contribution to saving sturgeon.
Save the sturgeon population!
We are always happy to accept help from our friends and partners, which will enable us to increase the volume of fish grown to replenish the Caspian basin.

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