Banquet Fish
Banquet Fish

Banquet Fish

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The history of this dish began with royal meals. It was a custom to serve Astrakhan hot-smoked fish to the rulers’ tables. Even today it is considered a symbol of abundance and generosity. It is a hearty dish with exquisite flavour and aroma that is sure to surprise your guests and leave an unforgettable impression of the celebration. The banquet fish is cooked to order. We take the fish from the farm and smoke it on sawdust using a traditional Astrakhan recipe. The process takes up to 4 days, so we recommend ordering in advance.

MADE ACCORDING TO:TU 10.20.24-007-516685509-2018
FOOD ENERGY:159.9 kcal/669.6 kJ
Shelf life:15 days
LIST OF INGREDIENTS:Sturgeon, Salt, Varex-5
FISH SPECIES:Sturgeon, Beluga/Sterlet

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