Volzhenka Caviar (traditional)
Volzhenka Caviar (traditional)

Volzhenka Caviar (traditional)

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Volzhenka caviar is produced on Europe’s finest farms by Beluga masters. This delicacy comes from fish species such as Russian, Siberian and white sturgeon. Volzhenka caviar can be ordered not only for delivery within Russia, but also anywhere in the world. Delivery within 24 to 72 hours. Please call for delivery details +7(499)340-77-30

Shelf life:9 months
LIST OF INGREDIENTS:White Sturgeon Caviar, LIV-11 (complex food addititve)
NUTRITIONAL VALUE:proteins — 26.7 g, fats — 15.8 g, B1 vitamin — 0.59 mg, B2 vitamin — 0.3 mg
FOOD ENERGY:193 kcal/808 kJ

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