Natural Sturgeon Paste
Natural Sturgeon Paste

Natural Sturgeon Paste

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Among the variety of pastes, this one will certainly not leave you indifferent! We make it with hot-smoked sturgeon slices and cream. Combined with baguettes, crispbread and any other pastry, the sturgeon paste will delight you with its light but very rich flavour.

Shelf life:6 months
MADE ACCORDING TO:TU 10.20.25-003-51668509-2018
LIST OF INGREDIENTS:осётр горячего копчения, вода, сливочный порошок
NUTRITIONAL VALUE:белки — 11,6 г, жиры — 9,6 г, углеводы — 7,3 г.
FOOD ENERGY:161,4 ккал/675,9 кДж.

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