Caspian Shad (traditional)
Caspian Shad (traditional)

Caspian Shad (traditional)

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Caspian Shad is the classics of the Russian table, a dish that is appropriate at all times, from a quick snack to a buffet with cold appetisers. Be sure to save room in your fridge for a jar of the finest cuts of shad. Moreover, we have a home-made recipe. Just the way you would cook it yourself.

Shelf life:4 months
MADE ACCORDING TO:TU 10.20.25-019-51668509-2016
LIST OF INGREDIENTS:Caspian Shad, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Preservative"Original"
NUTRITIONAL VALUE:белки — 15,5 г, жиры — 23,4 г.
FOOD ENERGY:272,5 kcal/1141,1 kJ.

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