Caspian Roach in a box
Caspian Roach in a box
Caspian Roach in a box
From 900

Caspian roach is not just a fish, it’s the tradition and culture of our region, the brightest taste from the banks of the Volga! You’re sure to remember its perfectly seasoned and salted flavour. Combine the Caspian roach with tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs for the most authentic southern contrast. And appreciate the bonus of a beautifully stylish box.

FISH SPECIES:caspian roach
Shelf life:no more than 6 months
MADE ACCORDING TO:TU 10.20.23-022-51668509-2018
LIST OF INGREDIENTS:Dried Caspian Roach, Salt
NUTRITIONAL VALUE:proteins — 16,6 г, fats — 2,6 г.
FOOD ENERGY:89,4 kcal/374,4 kJ.