New Original Recipe! Kohlrabi Mille-feuille

You will need:
beluga caviar — 5 g,
kohlrabi — 80g,
apple — 1,
olive oil — 20 g,
sunroot syrup — 1 tablespoon,
lime juice — 1 teaspoon,
aloe vera — 20 g,
plum — 1

first peel the kohlrabi, cut it into thin slices and marinate it in syrup and lime juice for 1 hour. Bake the apple until it’s done (25 minutes at 180 degrees), then chop it in a blender until smooth with the oil and kohlrabi marinade. Peel and dice the aloe leaf and add it to the apple puree.
The finishing touch: lay out cabbage slices, alternating layers with mashed potatoes. Serve with the plum stuffed with caviar. That’s it!

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